How it Works

So How Exactly Does It Work?

Our innovative AI technology will allow you to instantly produce rewritten text which is unique. Appropriate for project essays, weblog contents and backlink building posts.

Sentence Identification

The Sentence Identification match strings of textual content based on the meaning of the phrases. Its highly effective NLP engine feature a semantic multi-level network to comprehend the written text provided.

Shallow Parsing

The procedure of determining syntactical terms, such as noun keyword phrases, in organic language content. Our system recognizes various types of portions - keyword phrases which are created from parse trees of Language.

Named Entity Similarity

In textual inference, it is usually essential to identify when a pair of proper nouns relate to exactly the same entity; for instance, "Bill Gates" could very well relate to similar entity as "Mr. Gates", however, not "Mrs. Gates". Our Named Entity Similarity Statistic implements groups of principles to match strings to discover whether or not they could very well relate to the identical root entity.

Connection Recognition

Our tool presents a novel and powerful method for the challenge of discovering taxonomic associations among sets of principles. We target discovering associations which are vital to supporting textual inference: identifying whether or not two aspects hold an ancestor-child connection or if they're siblings. Our system uses external sources like Wikipedia as a primary resource for background information.

Semantic Role Labeling

For each and every verb in a phrase, the aim is to try to recognize all components that fill up a semantic role, and to identify their roles, like Patient, Agent, or Device, in addition to their adjuncts, for example Temporal, Locative or Manner.

Paraphrase a Sentence

To paraphrase sentences is to try to edit or rephrase them so the primary concept continues to be evident but it's portrayed in our system own words. Achieving this can be challenging in case you aren’t certain of the key idea or you aren’t confident how to get the words to express whatever you understand. Our technology is capable to give a 100% unique paraphrase of each and every sentence.